The Champions of Vol

The Emerald Claw

Initiation Rites

You have all gathered for the Sacrament of Blood countless times, but this will be your last as a simple Seeker. Today you have all been chosen to serve the Collective Soul as members of the Emerald Claw where you will act as double agents. Serve Karrnath, but always remember your true loyalty.

The Abactor steps behind the alter and all gathered go silent. He is one of the most regal and awe-inspiring elves you’ve ever seen. You must have met his gaze dozens of times before, but the intensity and complete self-possession of his gaze is startling none the less. After briefly sweeping the gathered seekers with this all seeing gaze he lifts a ruby chalice and begins the night’s service, intoning in Draconic:

“Look not to the skies, nor to the depths below, nor even to the distant past or future. Seek the divine within, for the blood is the life, and in its call can be heard the promise of eternal life. One has but to listen”

With this, he steps forward holding the Chalice and offering the Bloodfang…


Magness Magness

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